Distance learning

Distance learning


Vilnius Ozo gymnasium started its experiment of distance elearning in 2001.  Till 2003 the gymnasium independently created an electronic course version for  10 formers and started the learning process with a help of the Internet.

A learning platform Moodle is used for teaching.

In 2005 EU,Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science and Vilnius Ozo gymnasium implemented a project called “ Distance learning course for 10- 12 grades” and in 2006 there was a project “Distance learning course for 8- 9 grades”. With a help of the projects the base for up-to-date technical, programmable, subject oriented and methodical base for distance learning was created. In 2010 - 2012 Vilnius Ozo gymnasium implemented a project called “  The creation and implementation of innovative electronic learning means for distance learning lessons: electronic objects for 11-12 grades and virtual teacher lectures for 9-10 grades. The project was funded by both European Union and the Republic of Lithuania.

Currently in Vilnius Ozo gymnasium there is prepared  a distance learning course, adjusted teaching methods and education is  taking place for 1-8 grades and for gymnasium grades from I- IV. There is also a Lithuanistic learning (students can be educated only on Lithuanian language, Lithuanian history,  Lithuaniaa geography and ethnoculture) for 1-8  formers and for I- IV gymnasium formers.

Currently there are created into “Moodle” learning platform uploaded 12750 lessons. All in all there are 1630 tests created for 8-12 grades. For 1-8 grades of Lithuanistic learning there are created about 3000 tests.  At this moment  there are made and uploaded into “Moodle” learning platform 9000 digital image processing lectures. There are about 1400 electronic learning agents for 8-12 forms.

Each course for a certain grade is separated into specific lessons and applied for unique ICT (information and computer technology) requirements. The lessons are interactive, student assignments are assessed and a feedback is provided on Skype program and electronic mail. Electronic lessons are full of image and sound material, exercises for self control, tests and additional web addresses. For each school subject there is a specific amount of lessons, which is based on education plan for certain grade. All lessons are put down into a timetable, the structure of which is similar to a traditional weekly schedule. For example, each week there are two lessons of History, four lessons of Mathematics, etc.  . Each lessons the students are advised upon the presented material, assessed, they do exercises and get homework assignment, etc. . Approximately once a month, on a fixed day there is a test taking place online.

The large convenience is that students may study and do exercises at any time of a day, at any day of a week.  If there is an important reason a teacher has a right to put forward the deadline of assignment.

Distance learning is free for Lithuanian citizens.  Basic education achievement tests (called PUPP in Lithuanian) and comprehensive school- leaving examinations are passed by students according to PUPP and exam organization and implementation procedures. Lithuanian language and Mathematics basic education achievement tests may be passed on Skype while comprehensive school- leaving examinations must be conducted in gymnasium. Those who successfully pass courses get state accredited documents of education approval.


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